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Assault and Battery

Misdemeanor and Felony Assault and Battery Charges


Popular media often characterizes Assault as the same as a Battery, when in fact they are two separate types of crimes.  In general, an assault is the threat of violence or unwanted touching, whereas a battery is the actual violence or unwanted touching.

Following Florida Statute 784.011, the crime of Assault takes place when a person:

  1. Makes an intentional and unlawful threat – by word or act – to commit violence against another person;

  2. With the apparent ability to carry through with the threat at the time it was made; and

  • The threat created a genuine fear in the intended victim that the violence was imminent.

Aggravated Assault

If the Assualt is made with a deadly weapon (i.e. knife, firearm, baseball bat, etc.) or while committing a felony offense (i,e. robbery, burglary), the assault constitutes an Aggravated Assault and is prosecuted as a felony.




The State of Florida has several types of battery crimes that are typically charged in Melbourne, FL and the rest of Brevard County:

Misdemeanor Battery,
Domestic Battery by Strangulation,
Domestic Violence Battery,
Felony Battery,
Aggravated Battery, and
Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Person.

Certain battery crimes can be up-charged depending on the status of the victim, for example a pregnant or an elderly person.

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