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Drug Dealing Charges

Florida's Drug Dealing Charges applicable in Brevard County

Defenses to Sale of Drugs

  • Fruit of an Illegal Search
    If the drugs were found as a result of an illegal search, the evidence may become inadmissible in court proceedings, ultimately leading the charges being dropped.
  • Constructive Possession
    The prosecution has to prove that a defendant actually possessed the drugs or had control over them. This defense often comes up with multiple people in a vehicle and drugs being found in the center console for example.
  • Lack of Knowledge
    If the defendant doesn’t know the substance he is selling is an illegal drug, this may be used as a defense during trial.
  • Possession for Personal Use
    If the amount of seized drugs is small enough, an argument could be presented to suggest that the drugs were intended for personal use and not for sale.


Sale or Delivery of Contraband Drugs


Florida statute 893.13 prohibits the sale and delivery of the following drugs in Brevard County and the rest of Florida:

  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • GHB
  • Heroin
  • MDMA
  • METH


The crime of sale or delivery of a Contraband Drug takes place when the defendant either:

  • Sells, delivers or manufactures the drug
  • or Possesses the drug with the intention to commit the above.

The Penalties for committing Drug Offenses in Melbourne, FL and the rest of Florida are fairly steep and depend on the type
of drug and the amount of drugs.

Few Examples:

  • Sale of Cannabis carries penalties of up 5 years in prison plus fines.
  • Sale of Cocaine, GHB, Heroin, MDMA and meth carry penalties of up to 15 years in prison plus fines.

In addition to the criminal sanctions above, the sale or delivery of a drug can lead to a driver’s license revocation
as well as suspension of any professional license.




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