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Drug Possession Charges

Possession of Drugs in Brevard County or anywhere in the State of Florida
illegal drugs

Defenses to Possession of Drugs

  • Fruit of an Illegal Search
    If the drugs were found as a result of an illegally conducted search, the prosecution may be prohibited from introducing it in trial. ultimately leading the charges being dropped.
  • Constructive Possession
    The prosecution has to prove that a defendant actually possessed the drugs or had control over them. This defense often comes up with multiple people in a vehicle and drugs being found in the center console for example.
  • Lack of Knowledge
    If the client doesn’t know the substance he is possessing is an illegal, this may be used as a defense during trial.

Possession of Contraband Drugs


Florida statutes Chapter 893 prohibits the possession of the following items in the State of Florida:

  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • GHB
  • Heroin
  • MDMA
  • METH
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • Drug Paraphernalia


The sanctions for possessing illicit drugs in the State of Florida vary depending on the type of drug and the amounts. 

Few Examples:

  • Possession of less than 20 grams of Marijuana is a First Degree Misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail plus fines. Possessing over 20 grams creates a Third Degree Felony punishable by up 5 years in prison plus fines.
  • Possession of any amount of Cocaine is a Third Degree Felony punishable by up 5 years in prison plus fines.

In addition to the criminal sanctions above, the possession of an illegal drug can lead to a driver’s license suspension
as well as suspension of any professional license.




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